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Self Sustained Reading Resources

Hard Copy Books

HHS Library Books


1. Open the HHS Online Catalog then click the "Log In" icon in the top right corner.
Log In

2. Select "Sign in with Google".
Sign in with Google
Use your Google username and password to login.


2. Click on "Catalog". CatalogIn the "find" bar, type in your search term. It can be a title, author, genre, subject, etc. then hit Enter.

3. A list of book titles will populate. Book availability is on the right of each title. Note: "How to Improve at Tennis" is NOT available.
The tennis book

4. Click on the title's link then click the "Hold It" on the right then click "Save".Hold It

5. Once the Hold is saved, a notification is sent to the librarians. The book will be pulled and delivered to your 1st Block teacher's box before the end of the day!

Electronic and Online Books

HHS eBooks

1. Open the HHS Online Catalog

2. Click "Catalog" tab at top left




3. Use the dropdown arrow to select "Electronic Book (ebook)" and hit Enter.
Electronic Book

   A list of all the HHS ebooks will populate.
Absolute beginner s guide

4. Click the "Open" button to read selected title. 

5. Use "Sign in with Google" to access ebook.
Sign in with Google

6. Use the arrows to navigate page turns.

7. Hover mouse in the top left corner of the book then click the Close button. 

Note: ebooks can only be read by one student at a time. If you are logged into the catalog and an ebook does not open, it is currently being read by another student.