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Student of the Year

Who will be next?

Each year a senior is chosen to represent HHS as its "Student of the Year."  Based upon their GPA, activities, honors/recognition, strength of course selection (honors, AP, dual enrollment), and ACT and AP test scores, seniors are invited to submit a resume' and an essay.  Participants are interviewed and then one student is named. 

2015-16 Student of the year - Kimberly Cook


SOTY History

2015-16 Kimberly Cook

2014-15 Dakota Digilormo

2013-14 Presley Impson

2012-13 Morgan Smith

2011-12 Hannah Hastie

2010-11 Trey Clark

2009-10 Melanie Watt

2008-9 Justin Jones

Dakota Digilormo - 2014-2015 SOTY
Presley Impson - 2013-2014 SOTY
Presley Impson